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Cemetery Project

The Roswell Historical Society is committed to preserving and restoring the historic cemeteries
of Roswell. Our primary focus are those cemeteries which do not have an organization, such
as a city, corporation, or a church, caring for them. For those, we seek to record the information of those buried there. We hold semi-annual monument cleaning events to help slow the erosion of the engraved information. We raise funds to hire professional restorers to repair broken markers, urns, and walls. Presently our emphasis is on providing markers for burials that have been discovered through a combination of ground penetrating radar and research of historic records.


Currently there are two such cemeteries:

Old Roswell Cemetery (Methodist Cemetery) circa 1836

In 2014, the Roswell Historical Society and the City of Roswell agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding Old Roswell Cemetery. The City through the Roswell Rec and Parks Department will maintain the grounds. The Society may coordinate volunteer efforts to preserve and restore the cemetery. These activities may include recording the data, cleaning the monuments, and fundraising to restore the monuments. 

Methodist Cemetery (aka Old Roswell Cemetery) was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in February 2021. This prestigious designation was the culmination of five years of work on this nomination by members of the Roswell Historical Society.

At this time, our research has located 192 people who were buried here, but who have no marker. Generous donors have furnished 50 markers. Your donation can help us continue this project.

Pleasant Hill Historical Cemetery established 1855

Those at rest in this cemetery are among our earliest Black community members. Seventeen were born into slavery. Many were civic and religious leaders. Others were shopkeepers and local business employees. Ten served in the military from World War I through the Vietnam War. All were the everyday members of the community.

Ground penetrating radar indicated 96 unmarked burials. Currently, family members and generous donors have furnished 54 markers. With your help we will furnish the remaining 42.

To donate to help preserve either of these cemeteries click below. If you wish to specify a cemetery, indicate that in the Instructions portion, otherwise it will be used in the area of greatest need. 

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Wreaths Across America
Annual Remembrance

Since 2015, the Roswell Historical Society's Cemetery Committee has raised funds to purchase wreaths to be placed on 270 veterans' graves in 3 cemeteries: Pleasant Hill Historical Cemetery, Mount Oliver Baptist Cemetery, and Old Roswell Cemetery.  Roswell volunteers join with thousands of other Wreaths Across America volunteers who simultaneously place wreaths on veterans' graves in communities across the U.S. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who sponsored wreaths to make this event possible again this year. 

Wreaths across America. Sponsor a veteran
Roswell Historical Cemetery monument cleaning and restoration

303 monuments professionally restored.

Over 1,500 monuments properly and safely cleaned.

Over $109,000 raised since 2015.

Over 105 organizations have volunteered their time, donated funds or professional talents.

Over 1,300 subscribers to our quarterly newsletter.

Over 290 descendants located.

Search Memorials

The Old Roswell Cemetery's plot numbers were established in 2015 by the Roswell Historical Society to aid people in locating their loved ones. There are currently over 2,813 memorials added in our database. Search gravesites by name or birth or death dates.

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Roswell Cultural Arts Center 950 Forest Street Roswell, GA 30075

Telephone: (770) 992-1665

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