Hembree Farm

The Hembree Farm, circa. 1835, is one of the oldest in north Fulton County. Amariah Hembree and his son, Elihu Hembree, were pioneer settlers in the 1830s on land once occupied by Cherokee farmers. The Hembrees grew cotton for the old Roswell Manufacturing Company, and, along with other early settlers, organized the Lebanon Baptist Church at their farmhouse in 1835.

Hembree Farm circa 1835 Roswell historical farmstead

After eight generations of family ownership, the house, detached kitchen, two corn cribs, and one acre of land were gifted to the Society by a family descendant. For 14 years, the Hembree Farm Committee raised funds to move and stabilize the main structures and were able to complete several necessary restoration projects. In the spring of 2022, the Society's Board of Directors met to discuss future plans of the property and our continued stewardship of Hembree Farm. In a unanimous vote, The Board of Directors voted that the best possible step forward would be to partner with the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation/ The Georgia Trust, to secure a historic easement on the property, the included structures, and further placing Hembree Farm on their Endangered Properties Revolving Fund Program. In the Fall of 2022, Hembree farm was successfully marketed for sale under said program and the next chapter of Hembree Farm will soon be taking shape. For more information on the Georgia Trust, or the Endangered Properties Revolving Fund Program, please visit GeorgiaTrust.Org.