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Health Issues in Post War Roswell

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

In Roswell, after World War II, there was an increased awareness of public health issues.

Pictured above is the American Red Cross/North Fulton branch station wagon parked in front of the Roswell Health Center, 1950s

Roswell Health Center

The Roswell Health Center was established

on Atlanta Street near Oxbo Road. It offered chest X-rays and pre-school physicals and immunizations (diphtheria, whooping cough,

and smallpox). It also had a dental clinic. Health Center schedules were published on the front page of the area newspaper.

Workers in local businesses, especially Southern Mills and Roswell Seating Company, were given X-rays by the Public Health Nurse. Active cases of tuberculosis were reported and all cases were checked on a regular basis.

Involvement of Local Civic Groups

Area civic groups, the Roswell School P.T.A., the Business Men’s Club, and the Roswell Woman’s Club, coordinated their efforts to promote strong public health programs for the betterment of the community. Citizens were encouraged to clean up their properties, public trash cans were place outside of businesses to control the litter, and a city garbage disposal program was established. The Roswell Woman’s Club sponsored a Rat Extermination Week, where they urged every housewife in Roswell to buy rat poisoning.

North Fulton Herald, 1954

North Fulton Branch of the Red Cross

In 1949, a branch chapter of the Red Cross was organized in North Fulton area with Mrs. C.W. Buchanan elected chairman. The Health Center was used as the headquarters in Roswell for the North Fulton Red Cross chapter. The Red Cross supplied nurses to conduct blood drives, to combat the polio epidemic, and to train thousands of citizens in such vital areas as first aid, water safety, nutrition, and home nursing.

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